Estimated Lead Times

Lead times are estimates and when all materials are "In Stock". If order has a COM, lead times start once vendor receive and match the COM
BRACCIFrom Italy14-16 Weeks
Lexington warehouse2-4 Weeks
CENTURYCornerstone, Leatherstone, Tori10 -13 Weeks
Elegance and Studio12-15 Weeks
Signature, Essex, Bench by the Inch18 - 21 Weeks
Leather14-17 Weeks
Century Chair/Dining Chairs19-22 Weeks
Upholstered Beds16 - 19 Weeks
Stocked Case1-2 Weeks
Choose your finish case14-17 Weeks
Century Mattress2-3 Weeks
Outdoor (non D13 Group)6-9 Weeks
Fully Uph Outdoor (D13 Group)10-13 Weeks
CHADDOCKExposed Wood Upholstery20-22 Weeks
Casegoods (include beds)16 Weeks
Select Upholstery8 Weeks
Select Casegoods12-14 Weeks
COSTANTINIFrom Italy14-16 Weeks
CTHCase Goods16-20 Weeks
Imports2-3 Weeks
EJ VICTORUpholstery6-10 Weeks
Case Goods16-18 Weeks
FAIRFIELDDining Chairs, Bar Stools and Counter Stools6-8 Weeks
Upholstered Chairs, Swivel Chairs10-12 Weeks
Sofas, Sectionals, Loveseats, Sleepers, Benches8-10 Weeks
Ottomans8-10 Weeks
Recliners8-10 Weeks
HANCOCK & MOOOREStationary6-12 Weeks
Motion6-12 Weeks
Fabric Uph6-12 Weeks
HICKORY CHAIR"Special Construction" Case18-20 Weeks
"Special Construction" Upholstery22-24 Weeks
Standard Upholstery28-30 Weeks
Exposed Wood Upholstery20-22 Weeks
M2M Upholstery24-26 Weeks
Silhouettes20-22 Weeks
Tufted Upholstery10-12 Weeks
Dining Chairs26-28 Weeks
Beds22-24 Weeks
Case Goods requiring finish16-18 Weeks
M2M Case Goods8-10 Weeks
Case Goods "Stocked"2-3 Weeks
HICKORY WHITEUpholstery14-16 Weeks
Case Goods8-10 Weeks
HIGHLAND HOUSEUpholstery18-21 Weeks
Sutton, Dorset, Haase, Kate, Ringwald, Robert, Sebastian12-15 Weeks
Stocked Case1-2 Weeks
Choose your finish case14-17 Weeks
JESSICA CHARLESCurrent lead time6-12 Weeks
LANEVENTURENewton, NC plant4-6 Weeks
Haleyville, AL plant8-10 Weeks
LEEStandard LEE line6-8 Weeks
Leather6-8 Weeks
Tailor-Made Beds6-8 Weeks
Dining Chairs6-8 Weeks
Dressmaker Skirted Items12 Weeks
LEXINGTONCustom Upholstery12 Weeks
LILLIAN AUGUSTUpholstery9-10 Weeks
Workshop, in stock items8-10 Weeks
Imports that are in stock2-3 Weeks
MASTERFIELDStandard Frame6-8 Weeks
Custom Frame10-12 Weeks
MR&MRS HOWARDUpholstery9-10 Weeks
Case Goods9-10 Weeks
MOTION CRAFTCurrent MC lead time7-8 Weeks
Regular Upholstery6-8 Weeks
SHERRILLCurrent Lead time9-10 Weeks
Upholstery20-24 Weeks
THIBAUTQuick ship4-6 Weeks
Featured Frames12-14 Weeks
Standard Upholstery36-38 Weeks
VANGUARDStocked Styles1-2 Weeks
American Bungalow ASAP program4 Weeks
Envision UPH6 Weeks
American Bungalow, easy and vanguard fully uph items4 Weeks
UPH dining chairs,Benches & Specialty Ottomans4 Weeks
Custom Finishing for Casegoods7 Weeks
UPH beds & Headboards6 Weeks
Finish for dining tables12-14 Weeks
KRAVETQuick ship4 Weeks
Jazz8 Weeks
ICreat beds, chests, ottomans, tables8 Weeks
Edge6-8 Weeks
Smart8 Weeks
Lee Jofa HV and KW8-14 Weeks
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